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Experience a Jetpack Adventure on the Gold Coast

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Feb 29th 2016 3:47am - By Administrator
Jetpack Adventures

Try something incredibly memorable on your next Gold Coast holiday. How about a jetpack adventure?

Australia's first and largest water powered device hire operator is Jetpack Adventures Australia. They have been providing three unique experiences – Jetpack, Jetboard, and the Jetovator since 2012. With these, you can glide through the air and see a different view of Gold Coast.

Are you ready to fly? All you need to do is choose which Jetpack adventure you would like to experience.

Jetpack Adventure
James Bond, the fictional British Secret Service agent created by Ian Fleming has the best gadgets. One of them is a jetpack which he used to escape his enemies. Inspired by this gadget, Jetpack Adventures Australia brings in the Jetpack experience.

This water powered unit is actually designed like a backpack complete with a five point safety harness similar to the ones you see in race cars. It is equipped with a 20 meter hose where the water passes and is then released to the two jet nozzles. This process helps lift the rider above the water.

Moreover, there are hand controls on each side which is used to steer the unit from left to right. Instructors are always present and will show you have it works. Besides the Jetpack, a Headzone communication helmet is provided.

This type of helmet is waterproof with built-in speakers. With this thing on, the instructors will be able to communicate with you while you are enjoying your flight. Or, you can just request to play your favourite song!

If you don't want to use a backpack, then go for the board instead. With the Jetboard, you can be like Iron Man.

Get on the water-jet powered board and get ready to soar above the water. Don't be scared to move your feet and balance like Tony Stark does when he wears his Iron Man suit. Just like the Jetpack, instructors will be present and a Headzone communication helmet will be provided.

If you are not confident enough to try the Jetpack or the Jetboard, you should definitely ride the newest  water powered unit – the Jetovator.

It's like a bike so it's simple and easy to ride and control. Though it has smaller jets, the Jetovator has the speed giving you a fun and thrilling ride over the water. Like the other two adventures, a  Headzone communication helmet is needed.

Ready to go on a Jetpack Adventure?

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Image Source : Jetpack Adventures 


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