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Bask in the beautiful morning view of the ocean from your own balcony

Posted in Accommodation @ Sep 23rd 2014 10:50am - By Administrator

You know you’re truly in a sunny tropical paradise when it’s the golden sunny sky that you see first thing in the morning, coupled with the cool sea breeze and delightful ocean views. It’s like you’re still in a dreamland and you’d like to live there forever.

This is what defines a holiday on the Gold Coast where you can make your summer daydream come true. Here, it’s not only during summer where you can get to experience the lovely bright sunny skies but the sun is up and shining in this beautiful city almost all year long. What makes you feel like you’re in paradise is when you’re staying just right on the beachfront as if having your own private island resort, where you’re not too far from the modern city scene.

Those travelling to the Gold Coast have so much to look forward to and enjoy and those who keep coming back here know that very well. For a more pleasurable and totally relaxing holiday escape, this city is teeming with a variety of accommodations that cater to the needs of all types of travellers. Making you feel like you’re in your slice of paradise, Ocean Royale features cosy and tastefully designed apartments that make you feel like you’re in your own holiday home.

Our Broadbeach Holiday Apartments feature comfortable and spacious two-bedroom apartments that are fully furnished and come with basic amenities to make your holiday more convenient. These apartments also have balconies where you can delight in the breathtaking view of the ocean and spend an idle afternoon unwinding and just taking it easy.

Take your much-deserved holiday break soon and choose our Broadbeach Holiday Apartments as your holiday residence on the Gold Coast. For the best rates and exciting deals, book online:


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