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5 Nearby Shops That Offer Sweet Delights

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Oct 27th 2016 7:17pm - By Administrator
Cold Rock Ice Creamery

When your kids suddenly crave for sweets on your Gold Coast trip, there's no need to panic. Ocean Royale Broadbeach Holiday Apartments is near several shops that offer delicious delights no sweet tooth can resist.

Cold Rock
In 1996, Cold Rock Ice Creamy first opened its doors in Aspley, Queensland. Now, they have more than 90 stores in the country one of which is in Broadbeach. Cold Rock offers a fun way to enjoy ice cream through personalisation.

They have a wide range of premium ice cream; not to mention, low fat ice cream, gelato and sorbet.  With their current selection and mix ins, you can create over 3,000 flavour combinations. Now you will never eat ice cream the same way again.

The Gelato Shop
Since 2003, The Gelato Shop has been offering freshly made yummy treats from frappes to smoothies, sundaes and of course, gelato cakes! They offer a great range of creamy dairy based gelatos and intense water based sorbet flavours. To ensure you enjoy each, they only use the finest Italian and Australian ingredients.

Mövenpick Ice Cream Broadbeach
Available in over 40 countries, Mövenpick Ice Cream offers the best of nature. This means that they only use the finest natural ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla pods from the tropical forests of Madagascar and cocoa beans from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela. Try their Swiss style ice creams, velvety and flavoursome sorbets as well as their fruity-light ice cream.

Max Brenner
Are you a chocolate lover? Then get ready to experience the chocolate culture at Max Brenner. Here you can enjoy some decadent pastries, fondues, thick milkshake or a Chocolate Pizza at the Chocolate Bar. You can even create your own Belgian waffles and shop for huge chocolate bricks, cocoa beans, and more.

Yo-get-it Frozen Yogurt
For the best frozen yogurt, visit Yo-get-it Frozen Yogurt. The self-serve frozen yogurt bar offers 6-8 flavours which you can top with a range of toppings. They have healthy superfoods and indulgent treats. Create your own yogurt today!

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Image Source : Cold Rock Ice Creamery


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